Tuesday, September 20, 2011

History Repeating?

"Wir gehen in den Reichstag hinein, um uns im Waffenarsenal der Demokratie mit deren eigenen Waffen zu versorgen. Wir werden Reichstagsabgeordnete, um die Weimarer Gesinnung mit ihrer eigenen Unterstützung lahm zu legen. Wenn die Demokratie so dumm ist, uns für diesen Bärendienst Freikarten und Diäten zu geben, so ist das ihre eigene Sache. Wir zerbrechen uns darüber nicht den Kopf. Uns ist jedes gesetzliche Mittel recht, den Zustand von heute zu revolutionieren."

["We enter the Reichstag to arm ourselves at democracy's own arsenal. We will become Members of the Reichstag to paralyse the Weimar mentality with its own assistance. If democracy is stupid enough to award this foul service of ours with free entrances and financial compensations, well that's their problem. We will not lose one night of sleep over it. Any legal means serves us well to revolutionise the status quo."]

Joseph Goebbels, Völkischer Beobachter, April 30, 1928.

"L'interés a anar a les Corts Espanyoles és per a fer política independentista. És a dir per reventar Espanya des de dintre. Per defensar els interessos de Catalunya. Per fer mal als interessos espanyols. I per utilitzar-lo com a plataforma mediàtica de cara als mitjans espanyols, els catalans i els internacionals."

["We are interested to enter the Spanish Cortes in order to make separatist politics. I mean, to blow Spain up from within. To defend the interests of Catalonia. To harm the Spanish interests. And to use it as a media platform before the Spanish, the Catalan and the international press."]

Alfons López Tena, TV3, September 20, 2011 (15:57).

Here is also a newspaper article, for quick reference.

I think I've seen it before, but I hope that was only the song.

Coda - La Vanguardia is certainly repeating its pattern of censorship:



Update Sept. 30: Apparently, Mr López Tena's intentions to blow things up do not stop at the Spanish parliament. More precisely, he spoke of blowing up Spain, and in the Spanish region of Catalonia, where he is an MP, he seems to see another parliament worthy of his services as the Catalan Demolition Man. (In this case "rebentar" -Spanish: "reventar"- is better translated with "to disrupt".)


  1. Such a shame. BCN is probably the best city in spain, but its fascist government is driving people and business away. It really is sad.

  2. Thank you, anonymous. But please understand that when you use expressions such as "fascist" and make claims such as "driving people and business away" I'd like you to come up with some sort of argumentation.