Sunday, August 21, 2011

How It All Ends: Total Bullshit

Just a few hours ago, when Josep Guia was trying hard to shake off his newly won notoriety, López Tena raced his car to Prada de Conflent to determine "if Josep Guia had to assume any responsibility".

In the meantime others had the opportunity to have a peek at PSAN's webpage. "The PSAN declares that an oppressed nation has the right to use all forms of struggle as means for its liberation and that the decision which precise means to employ in each historical moment depends on the context (...)." The usual badly written mumbo-jumbo of the far left/right fanatics. This text, titled What is the PSAN?, is from December 2002.

Today on their hompage they still have up the friendly invitation to the annual homage to Toni Villascusa. Villascusa had been a member of PSAN and is said to have been the first Valencian to join Terra Lliure. He died July 20, 1984 when a bomb he had just built blew him into smithereens.

"Fallen in combat" is how a sister organisation of PSAN, OSAN puts it.

"Independentist, coherent, patriot and militant" is how PSAN remembers Villascusa every year.

OSAN provides an account of the event this year. Josep Guia was there. He "stressed that probably it was Toni himself who took part in the armed operation on September 9, 1981, when four bombs detonated in different Spanish delegations in the Catalan Lands: Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia and Alicante."

This is the kind of homage Toni Strubell's friends and associates conduct year after year, while he praises Bildu for having been at one single homage for an ETA victim in Zumaia.

Friends and associates who have never given homage to Emília Aldomà. The tragedy of this mortal victim of Josep Guia's friends and associates in Terra Lliure was that she had left Bilbao for fear of ETA bombs.

The same Josep Guia who today was so much in the headlines, and who was forced to declare himself Catalonia's peacenik No. 1: "I want that ETA never uses the guns again." Oh, we almost forgot: How did it all end with Josep Guia and the SI spokesperson Alfons López Tena who nearly crashed his car to bring him back in line?

"Out of a summer flea they have made an elephant", Guia chants. Then he regurgitates the lie that he is no leader of SI. And López Tena insists ad nauseam that both parties (SI and PSAN) "reject violence, because it is against decency and ends up being counterproductive". Yes, that they "defend national independence through peaceful and democratic means". Lipservice-mode successfully engaged. Moving on.

When one sees this nationalist/socialist crowd all huddling together, one wants to fill the lungs, chin up and sing aloud: "Die Fahne hoch!/ Die Reihen fest geschlossen!"

But after a long and moving roller-coaster day, with barf bags full of the utter bullshit that has been spluttered by the usual suspects, and endured by the innocent now-bespattered public at large, and seeing these two geezers on the photo finally reunited like Peaches and Herb, I get totally mellow.

Isn't it good to see them so happy together?

"Die Knechtschaft dauert
Nur noch kurze Zeit!"

It's 2011. Anno domini, we used to say. When there still was hope for mankind.


  1. Do you really think there's hope? Some of us are inclined to believe that the end is near :P

  2. That's just you believers.

    But this is not the month to get you nervous with such things, so I'll say no more.

  3. The people you criticise have done more for Catalonia of what you can do in a hundred lives, go back to the pub drink your pint.

  4. You mean those who put the bombs or those who still adore them, or both? I'm really interested in your answer, anon21:02.